As leading manufacturer of IVD industry, GENESIS is dedicated and specialized in the R&D, manufacturing, sales and marketing of medical rapid diagnostic reagents and test kits, microbiology reagents and other relevant products. GENESIS operates in a fast-paced, ever-changing, fiercely competitive environment. To succeed as a high performing global enterprise, we strongly agree, and act on, the driving values behind our mission.

Our culture is a driving force behind an employee's engagement and our success in the markets we serve. We engage deeply caring and talented employees who make a difference, leading change in their teams and workplaces, and inspiring others to take action consistent with our culture.

GENESIS CORPORATION ICP16007621-1     Zip code:310018     TEL:0571-8781-4635      Fax:0571-8782-4695
Address:No.139.,Str.10th(East),Hangzhou Economic& Technology Development Zone,Zhejiang,China